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    Accessories for Car, eBicycle

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    A professional and reliable online shopping center providing a variety of hot selling products at reasonable prices and shipping them globally.

    7-day Satisfaction Guarantee

    1How do I apply for a return??

    You can submit your return request in the "Account interface ", "My Account"-"Recent order"-"refund/return"。

    2In addition to quality problems, high-value goods can be returned within 7 days of signing up if the following conditions are met

    1.Ebike Motor: Goods in good condition, full of documents and not activated or used ";2,Ebike Battery: Goods in good condition, complete documents and unused;3, Motorcycle Parts: Goods intact, complete accessories, packaging integrity, full bill;4, Ebike Accessories: The goods are intact, the accessories certificate is complete and not worn;Note: If the return goods doesn't meet the 7 days return rules, the returned goods will be sent back to your shipping address.

    3Where to send the returned goods?

    After the online return request has been approved, we will inform you of the return address in the form of an email, please pay attention to the email notification。

    4Where does the money recede? How long can I get to the account??

    Refunds will be processed within 3 days of receipt of the return packageUse credit cards, PayPal and other online payment methods to return the immediate original road to your payment account

    5The return amount is inconsistent with the product amount?

    If you purchase an item that participates in a full reduction or discount event or gift Voucher coupon, the refund is refunded in proportion to the amount of the item deducted from the discount amount。

    6Return instructions are not supported for some special items:

    Please note that the following conditions will not be returned:1、Goods sold by other company, or goods with obvious traces of use affecting re-sale;2、The law expressly provides that goods that do not apply for seven days without reason for return;3、Ebike Motor,Ebike Battery, that have been activated;4、Recharge items that have been delivered online;5、Unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, misuse, incorrect installation caused by commodity quality problems, or tearing up, alteration of stickers, machine serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting marks;6、Items in a gift bag or suit cannot be partially returned for Exchange。。The above return rules, once purchased by the customer, are deemed to be recognized。



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